Recovery is one of the most beautiful words I know.  We’ve been to the very bottom of the pit.  Climbing out of that dark place has been far from easy but as we step out into the sunlight we realize that there is something waiting for us that is more wonderful than we ever could have imagined…

 “Like myself, he had admitted complete defeat. Then he had, in effect, been raised from the dead, suddenly taken from the scrap heap to a level of life better than the best he had ever known!”  ~ Bill Wilson

So who is in recovery? It’s a loaded question. Very few people make it into adulthood without suffering some sort of trauma or dysfunction. The details vary but whether from addiction, grief, abuse, depression or just insert your personal burden here – most of us have had some pain to work through. For some the cause has been entirely outside of their control while others have made decisions that led them to this point but no matter how you got here you have a choice about what you’re going to do next.

Recovery means taking responsibility for what happens next, knowing that we do have some control over our lives and our choices even if that just means changing how we feel. Recovering from addiction requires a physical change, an action that has to be stopped for any meaningful healing to begin but that isn’t where it ends. In AA you often hear people refer to a “psychic change” when the burden of addiction is lifted. From the Doctor’s Opinion in the Big Book, “…unless this person can experience an entire psychic change (also known as a “spiritual awakening”) there is very little hope of his recovery.” A quote by Jungian Robert Johnson applies nicely here, “The process can be summed up in one sentence: it is the relocating of the center of the personality from the ego to a center greater than one’s self.”

This site’s only real goal is to assist those seeking to free themselves of the ego, to reach out to those who still suffer with encouraging methods for natural healing. No matter what we are recovering from I believe that the general process is the same. There are a few basic components that seem to apply to everyone: some sort of program that offers a community and direction, a relationship with a Power greater than ourselves and natural alternatives for healing and happiness. Different things work for different people so the resources explored here reach out in many different directions. I am not endorsing or promoting any product, technique or program, simply offering a place for personal exploration to begin. Click around, do some research of your own and see what works for you.

No doubt there is often physical action that we must take, things we absolutely must stop or start doing today no matter how hard it seems at first.  That alone might seem like a tall order but it’s just the beginning. What I’m interested in is healing, the psychic change, a new life.  I want the whole thing…. I want the miracle.

Alcohol and Substances

Resources on this page apply primarily to alcohol and substance abuse.  Browse books, links and videos.

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Other Addictions

Resources on this page apply to other addictions with a focus on eating disorders, sexual addictions and gambling. Browse books, links and videos. Widgets

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Resources on this page apply primarily to co-dependency and recovery for friends and families with addicted loved ones. Browse books, links and videos. Most of us didn’t start out thinking we were co-dependent.  We certainly weren’t trying to be but at some point doing the right thing, helping and being responsible turned into doing the …

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Grief and Loss

Resources on this page apply primarily to grief and loss.  Browse books, links and videos.   Grief is an extreme course in learning to let go.  It can have many sources and many expressions but the one thing most forms of grieving seem to have in common is pain.  There are a lot of emotions …

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Depression and Anxiety

Resources on this page apply primarily to depression, anxiety and stress. Browse books, links and videos Anxiety and Depression are most often rooted in some sort of fear.  We may not even realize the exact causes for our current state but fear usually plays a part in why we can’t seem to break free.  It …

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Resources on this page apply primarily to physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Browse books, links and videos. Widgets

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  • Dara Michelle Mrotek

    I love Jane Doe. Read it every morning for my meditation since Im up early for work and dont have much time to sit outside with books anymore… This is a perfect way to keep up with my meditation. Love it <3

  • Jane

    Dara I can’t tell you how hapyy I am to know that what you read here is of value to you in your recovery.  Daily meditation makes such a big difference.  This is my hope for anyone who comes to this site or reads the blog – just that they would be encouraged to make healing a priority every day.  Hope you find bits of information and ideas that speak to you here.  Love and blessings on your journey :)

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