The human body is our concrete link to the physical world.  Everything we do, what we eat, drink, breathe and all the actions we take affects not only our physical health but the way we think and feel.  Mental and emotional healing requires balance in the body.  As long as the body is out of balance we struggle to find peace.

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“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.”  ~ Robert C. Peale

Recovery begins with removing destructive unhealthy habits but it is sustained by creating productive healthy behaviors.  Some have found relief through modern medicine but there are many of us who have a hard time replacing one drug with another.  Whether by conscious choice or basic physical reaction sometimes it just doesn’t FEEL right.  This site is devoted to the belief that we already have what we need to heal ourselves inside us.  Since we have constant access to the greatest pharmacy in existence in every situation; our bodies really do have the ability to produce what we need but only if we’re living in alignment with the laws of nature.

I believe that the body has an innate capacity to heal itself but to in order to make any real progress we have to get honest about our habits.  Simple changes in nutrition and exercise can provide almost immediate results in the way we feel both physically and mentally.  It almost goes without saying that any kind of substance abuse is a major source of disruption in the body.  Until the addictive behavior stops the damage will continue and no meaningful healing can occur. Overeating, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are other major factors that contribute to not just physical but mental and emotional health.

If you’re recovering from anything that relates directly to your physical habits this is where you start.  We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to fix everything all at once - it’s a process.  Let me say however that when it comes to addiction there is no gray area.  Substance abuse has to end for healing to begin but that doesn’t mean you have to quit smoking and go vegan today to start feeling better.

The body has an innate sense of what needs to go if we’re listening to it.  Take an inventory of your physical conditions and habits and make a list of areas for improvement.  Decide what you’re willing to do today to start the process of healing and then do it.  Use some of the ideas on this site for positive thinking to affirm your change.  The mind influences the body in the same way that the body influences the mind.  They’re connected so take advantage of the mental tools that are available to help you succeed.

Feeling the affects of a healthier lifestyle is the greatest motivator to do more.  The healthier you get the easier it is to read the signals the body sends to let you know what it needs.  So do something today to start moving in the right direction.  There will be many posts to come on this subject and you can find great resources to get you started in the menu above.

Once again I repeat the disclaimer that I am not a doctor and am in no way encouraging you to go against medical advice.  Use common sense, see how you feel, talk it over with your doctor and then follow your heart.


Resources on this page apply primarily to nutrition through diet and natural supplements. Browse books, links and videos. Nutrition plays a role in how we feel every minute of every day whether we’re in recovery or not.  There is a saying that food is either medicine or poison, that may be a little extreme but …

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Resources on this page apply primarily to fitness and general exercise. Browse books, links and videos.

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