Mar 26

Solution Of Simplicity

Simple and easy are not always the same thing now are they?  As a matter of fact sometimes choosing what’s simple seems to be the hardest thing we’ve ever done, when in truth it’s the suffering that’s hard.  Whether you’re talking about a form of addiction, co-dependency, depression or any other spiritual malady the struggle has driven us to exhaustion, it is entirely complex.   The solution however, while it may not be easy, is always rooted in simplicity.  Many of us have heard similar sayings and slogans in the rooms and this is how T.C. Brothers begins his story, “Addiction is extremely complicated.  Recovery is simple.”

 “The greatest shortcut in recovery is the simple decision to stop wasting time taking shortcuts.”  ~ T.C. Brothers

Solution Of Simplicity takes a very personal look at the journey from active addiction into a life of recovery.  From the beginning T.C.’s conversational style and heartfelt message make the book extremely easy to read and digest.  The reader is drawn in immediately by his honest assessment of hitting rock bottom and the process of surrender without turning them into war stories.  There is a humility and a comfort level that continues throughout the book gently urging us to take action.  We are convinced that there is no need to wait any longer, the time is now and we already have what we need to begin.  Broken up with quotes and bits of inspiration along the way he shares his experiences with a compassionate tone and the wisdom of someone who has walked through the pit and lived to tell about it.

Although marketed as an alternative to The Twelve Steps I found it to be a refreshing investigation of how Twelve Step principles can be applied.  T.C. lovingly guides the reader and inspires the practice of willingness, honesty, forgiveness and surrender in everyday life.  The message is familiar but this in no way decreases the value of the text, in fact I feel that its worth is actually increased as Solution Of Simplicity could very easily be used in tandem with any Twelve Step Program.   It is presented so simply that many who have never managed to wade through the Big Book or formally work the steps can process the same concepts in a more casual format.  Throughout the book T.C.’s personality shines through, it is really quite touching and he reaches out to those who may never have connected before.

I shouldn’t be surprised by this as the principles for recovery seem to be universal in their Truth.  It comes to us at exactly the right time in the right words when we are finally ready to hear.  The messengers bless us and inspire us but the message is what matters most.  There are many roads but there are no shortcuts; there really are no alternatives if we want to be healed.  I draw very few lines between healing resources.  Those who aspire to share what we’ve learned are simply expounding on experiencing the Truth.  An incredible amount of the most useful recovery literature out there specifically targets the alcoholic and addict but don’t let this stop you if you seek recovery from other emotional and behavioral afflictions.  These are some of the most amazing books I have ever read and they have surely changed lives.  This book is no exception.  It is aimed toward the addict but even if you aren’t I encourage you to read it anyway.  This is one of those stories that speaks to the human condition of suffering and the principles for recovery that apply to us all.  Many thanks to T.C. Brothers for his willingness “to lay down all his defenses” and share his gift with the world.

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    What can I say but Thank You Jane Doe Recovery…. _/|_

    • http://janedoerecovery.com/ Jane

      Hey I just saw this :) the pleasure was all mine. Love and Light to you my friend!

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