Feb 07

Morning Coffee Meditation

You don’t NEED a cup of coffee for this meditation but it’s especially nice if you have a favorite warm beverage in your hands…

Sitting comfortably, hold your cup in both hands. Notice how the cup feels, the shape of it… Appreciating the smoothness and the warmth.

Look at it closely, the cup and the liquid inside. Notice the color, everything about it… Appreciate the beauty of such a simple thing.

Then close your eyes for just a moment and take three slow deep breaths in and out through your nose, noticing the smell, the steam and the warmth. Notice everything about the movement of your breath…. Appreciating the comfort available in such a simple act.

When you open your eyes notice how you feel… If you don’t have one there already put a gentle smile on your face. Notice just how good smiling feels… and appreciate the shift, the warmth, the comfort, the happiness inside.

Now you are ready. Read these words slowly:

“I give myself, all of me, to the will of my Higher Power today. I will follow wherever it leads. Grateful for even the smallest of blessings and the simplest comforts I will appreciate the beauty of the ordinary moments and the peace that is always available to me. I accept all that is with complete faith that it is as it should be. Right here … Right now… I have decided to be happy.”

Have an amazing day! Just decide to make it that way.   :)  Jane

  • Courtney


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