Jan 29

What Do You See?

Take a moment to really look at the picture before you read on…

So what did you see? What did you say out loud? It’s not one of those visual trick photos – most people see a red dot and that’s what they say… But that is not the focal point of our meditation.

Look again… Take a deep breath and look at that red dot…. Take another breath and expand your focus, soften your gaze and notice all that white SPACE for a few more breaths…

Notice how much MORE of the picture is open and yet we immediately are drawn to that little red dot. That dot represents a problem, difficulty, discomfort. Like a little kid getting a shot we tend to put all our attention on that one tiny spot of pain, totally oblivious to the vast majority of our reality that is free from it. Sadly if we give it enough energy the discomfort continues to grow. It can consume us completely if we let it…

Today try to put your attention on the limitless amount of peace that is available to you in even the most uncomfortable moments. Look again…breathe… expand and soften your focus. See the opportunities and the room to grow with new eyes and a grateful heart.

~ Jane

  • Meggy

    You need to make your writing more specific. Because it says look at it; but for how long exactly? For an hour or is it 30 second.

    • http://janedoerecovery.com/ Jane

      Thanks for your comment Meggy. At the top of the page it says “Take a moment to really look at the picture before you read on.” I suppose that isn’t very specific but I hoped to encourage the reader to look at it for as long as they need to in order to feel that they had done more than take just a casual glance. The amount of time that would take will most likely vary from person to person.

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