Jan 26

That Malady

What is the spiritual malady?  Whether through addiction, grief, depression, abuse or any other expression of physical, mental or spiritual upset, sometimes the struggles of life leave a hole, a wound, an emptiness that makes us vulnerable to more pain.  If left unaddressed it has a tendency to grow…

There is a darkness that can seep into our lives if we are not actively engaged in creating light.  That void will eventually be filled with something and here we explore and hopefully inspire healing by filling that emptiness with something good.  The spiritual malady is the name for that emptiness and we have come to the realization that the only way to fill that hole in the soul is with Spirit.  There is no agenda for conversion or to push specific religious beliefs here – all views are welcome – but there will continue to be talk about spirituality, about Light, Source, Energy, God….because we believe that is the only cure.

Certain holistic practices and general step-work can be applied to nearly every challenge in life.  In truth the encouragement found here applies to everyone.   We all face difficulties, there are times when everyone needs encouragement and there are some practical tools that can help us along the way.  Have a look around, click around on the site, browse the books, read a few posts and be inspired to actively pursue healing.

If you’ve never been to the FaceBook page we are currently reviewing the steps and the interaction from the community has been such a blessing.  Just click on the little floating FB icon to join in the discussion and as always feel free to comment and share here on the website.  I hope you will consider this a safe place to encourage each other.  Your participation can make all the difference, just a few words can find their way to just the right person at the right time.  In sharing not only encouragement but also our struggles we reach out and help each other along the way.

Have a blessed day.  So glad you’re here!!



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