Jan 17


As we begin to heal and rebuild our lives we have a tendency to expect everything to suddenly fall into place.  It can be frustrating when the consequences keep coming.  Recovery is a miracle but it isn’t a magic bullet, we may still have lessons to learn and some may come with a price.

Even though we might feel, and be, very different people than we were when we began the healing process we sometimes find that our choices from the past and certainly those we are making in the present have lasting repercussions.  In some cases the fall out isn’t even the result of own faulty thinking but from the decisions of others, from circumstances and events that may be utterly outside of our control.  After all of the progress we’ve made it can seem unfair that life continues to feel like a struggle.  This can be a challenging time for those who have worked so hard to repair the damage of the past.

For me the lesson usually lies in paying attention to the seemingly little things that come up in everyday life.  Often what seems very small at first can grow into something truly life changing.  As we mature in our recovery we are actually held to a higher standard.  Our choices hold more weight than they ever did before, our responses more meaningful and our thoughts far more powerful.  Even our consequences can feel more intense at this new level of awareness.  This is really a good thing, we have an opportunity to do, feel and think differently now.  So we will continue to be presented with situations that help us to grow and use what we have learned in every area of our experience.

We don’t get to pick and choose where we will apply the principles of recovery – they apply to everything.  Honesty is honesty, just because we aren’t lying about the big things anymore doesn’t mean we can lie about little things without at least internal consequences.  We can’t practice morality, forgiveness, responsibility or acceptance only when it suits us or where we think it’s important because we are beginning to understand that in the end everything is important.  Not that we should “sweat the small stuff” but that we don’t take the small stuff for granted anymore.

Understanding the importance of the seemingly small moments in life is a part of the journey.   Striving for progress not perfection in all things, we are gentle with ourselves when we falter.  We accept any resulting consequences without resentment and turn them over to our Higher Power.  We begin to celebrate even the smallest victories and all the progress we have made this far with new hope for the future.  In time we realize that not only our greatest lessons but our greatest blessings can come from the knowledge that there are no little things.


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