Dec 13

Faith Never Sleeps

Faith is a key ingredient for making miracles.  More than desire, more than perseverance or even hope, it is faith that does the heavy lifting in recovery.  Saying that we’ve turned our lives over to a Power greater than we are doesn’t mean much if we don’t believe…

So it turns out that having faith is a full time occupation.  While desiring, hoping and persevering are so very important they are still things that we must do.  Our desires might change, hope might be fleeting and our drive may falter at times but faith is a constant.  It isn’t something we do, it’s something that we have.  Not only in the beginning while working the steps or in a prayer meeting.  Not just something we practice when things are good, or when things are really, really bad but something that consumes us and moves into every corner of our lives, every minute of every day.

This isn’t to say that we won’t have times when we’re confused or afraid.  This is where all those other tools we have gathered must be applied.  Neither does it mean that we won’t be faced with challenges and sometimes what might be considered weakness or even failure by some.  It is in our difficulties and trials that we find our greatest opportunities not only to use what we have learned so far but even more important – to lean on God.  These are the moments when we notice that something is different, the shift has occurred, the psychic change, that we really have been remade.  We have come to believe that there is peace available even on the battlefield, even in the eye of the storm.   Being able to find peace in the middle of the struggle is a miracle for us, unheard of, seemingly impossible at one point in our lives – and yet somehow we have found it.  Knowing that it is available and expecting to find that comfort is faith.  “We have come to BELIEVE…”  This is powerful; we have finally found something that lasts.

It is so often said that recovery is a process.  That is a blessing.  Far more valuable than if we were to receive the gift just once because we get to live it every day through new and wondrous experiences that wouldn’t mean quite so much if they were easy.   Our newfound strength grows and evolves in ways that we can’t quite imagine at the start.  Not knowing exactly what will happen next and believing in the value of that process is part of becoming who we were truly meant to be.   My prayer for you this holiday season is that you will be utterly convinced and convicted to live in faith and the peace it brings 24 hours a day.

Blessings to All ~ Jane

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