Jun 30

Thoughts on Truth

Truth is underrated.  Most of us would like to think that we are basically honest and that we value a clear view of reality.  In fact many of us spend a fair amount of time in search of clarity, trying to grasp what is real and true.  And yet we often find ourselves facing a glaring truth only to close our eyes and turn away….

“The truth knocks on the door and you say, ‘Go away, I’m looking for the truth,’ and so it goes away. Puzzling.”    ~ Robert M. Pirsig

I read this quote on Twitter this morning and my little social media tour came to a grinding halt.  I read it several times and then I sat back and considered how much energy I’ve spent looking for the truth as well as how much I’ve spent trying to avoid it once it appears.  It really is a paradox, it makes no sense and yet it seems to be a fairly natural reaction.

The more time I spend in recovery and yogic circles the more I find myself face to face with a reality that I had previously chosen to ignore. This time I look a little closer.  If I really want healing, if I really want peace, then truth is an absolute necessity.  Denial is insidious, it is a very quiet and crafty lie we tell ourselves.  For me these were things that should have been obvious, things I thought I WANTED to know and then refused to see when the “answer” was staring me in the eye.  Why would I choose to look away?

Oddly enough this appears to apply to both the negative and the positive things we seek in our lives.  We want to believe our lie because we think it protects us somehow.  We decide to ignore our potential because it may involve taking action that we aren’t quite willing to take.  We prefer what’s comfortable, or at least familiar, to the painful, the challenging or the unknown, but at what cost?  Is my comfort level in that moment worth everything I stand to lose?  Is it worth everything that could have been gained?  Worth the missed opportunity, the lesson or the calm that was waiting on the other side of the storm?  Why did I ever think that was worth it?

Fortunately it seems that it is never too late.  The truth may unfold in stages, it may seem to be hidden for a time, but as our desire and willingness grows our hindsight is greatly improved and this truth will present itself again when we are ready.  I’m learning that seeking and then facing reality requires not only honesty but courage, wisdom and the peace of mind to see things as they are…. The Serenity Prayer over and over again.   Today I’m facing the ways in which I continue to turn away from the truth when it knocks on my door.  That is a great truth in itself and I welcome it.  I am still very far from perfect and ridiculously far from being enlightened – but I am much more aware, I am willing to open my eyes and this morning I am so extremely grateful to see progress.

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