May 16

Morning Meditations

Creating some time for morning meditation can be a powerful habit in recovery.   Even a few minutes spent in quiet reflection can make a big difference in the way we will face the challenges of the day.

“Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

In the early days of recovery we are often encouraged to begin the practice of morning meditation.   This can be elaborate or extremely simple depending on your circumstances and preferences.   Whether your mornings start early and busy or late and relaxed it’s worth the effort to carve out some space to get centered before the outside world has had an opportunity to influence your outlook on the events that are sure to unfold.  For that reason early is better, the phone hasn’t started to ring, no one is knocking at the door, and you aren’t running late for anything yet…. You get the picture, but if you’re not an early riser don’t let the numbers on the clock discourage you.

The time of day and amount of time you have to spend isn’t nearly as important as what you do with the time you have.   The best way to start is by finding something that fits easily into your morning routine as it is now.  Choose a quiet place with little opportunity for interruption and take a few deep breaths, acknowledge all that is good in your life, write a few words in a gratitude journal, say a short prayer or affirmation that brings you peace.   Make those moments count, claim that feeling of peace and take it with you throughout the day.  Once you’ve developed the habit your meditations will evolve, your morning routine will start to take shape around this special time as you begin to realize the benefits.

Here are some ideas for developing your own morning meditation:

  • Daily Meditation Books:  One of the easiest options for busy people is to find a book of daily meditations that appeals to you and leave it on the kitchen or coffee table where you have breakfast or drink your coffee.  Spend a few minutes considering how the day’s reading applies to your life.
  • Prayer and Affirmation:  Repeating a prayer or affirmation is a method for connecting not only with your Higher Power but with your True Self.  Commit a few phrases to memory that help you feel empowered and grounded.  Say the Serenity Prayer or simply spend some time talking to God.  Write out your own affirmations or choose a few that are especially meaningful for you and repeat them daily with intention.
  • Yoga: Whether through seated meditation or physical postures yoga is a great way to clear the mind before you start your day.  Sun Salutations are a common morning meditative practice with many mental and physical benefits in as little as ten minutes.  Start with something simple and allow the practice to deepen over time.
  • Journaling:  Start a gratitude, affirmation or prayer journal.  Journaling just a few words written in quiet reflection can be a powerful meditation.
  • Exercise:  Jogging, walking and other physical exercise can be a very effective method of meditation.  Keeping the body busy helps to clear the mind, deepen the breath and focus the attention on the positive aspects of life.

Whether you choose one or any combination of the above makes little difference.  Your practice will most likely change in time and that is a good thing.  These are just a few of many options, do what feels good, make your morning meditation something that you look forward to and commit to giving yourself that gift each day.  Soon you will begin to notice that those moments you spend in the morning have a profoundly positive effect on the rest of your day.

Recommended Reading:

These are just a few of my personal favorites.  Choose something that relates to your specific circumstances or something general that just makes you feel good.  Once you start looking you’re sure to find something that speaks to you in exactly right way.



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