May 05


It’s pretty obvious that Jane Doe supports the idea of anonymity, hence the name of the site.  The most glaring  reason is that it protects us all and gives us the freedom to say what we mean and be who we are without any fear of repercussions from the outside world.  Perhaps even more importantly anonymity unites us.

 “The word anonymous has for us an immense spiritual significance. Subtly but powerfully, it reminds us that we should always place principles before personalities.”  ~ Page 7 of the Understanding Anonymity Pamphlet

There is a freedom that comes along with remaining anonymous.  We step into a space where no one needs to know any more than what we are willing to share and some of our inhibitions automatically disappear.  Our mere presence is all that matters in recovery, all we have to do is show up.  In spite of all our differences and details we can tell each other’s stories without even knowing each other.  We are not alone anymore, we are among friends who have felt our pain and maybe for the first time ever we feel understood.

We are strangers drawn together only by our shared desire for change.  As we move forward we begin to open our minds to the possibility that some of these fellow travelers have been where we are today, that someone really does know how we feel.  We look to those who’ve walked ahead of us and we are inspired and strengthened by their success.  In time most of us become willing, even driven, to share our experiences with others and pass on the hope that we have found.

I encourage you to remain anonymous in your comments on this site.  Don’t let your name keep you from engaging, choose any name and join in with your thoughts and ideas.  I truly believe that we all have something to contribute.  A single sentence, sometimes just one word, can make the difference in someone else’s life.  Know that I look forward to hearing from you; I invite you to share often and freely.   As we travel the road of recovery it becomes more and more evident that there is always more to learn through the stories of another’s experience, strength and hope.


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