Apr 29


The simple realization that all the systems of the body, mind and spirit are connected opens new doors in recovery.  True healing occurs when we bring the systems back into balance and start living the life we were meant to have.  Understanding those connections and the methods for deepening them is one of our greatest tools for success and genuine happiness.

“Body and mind, and spirit, all combine, To make the Creature, human and divine.” ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

It all sounds pretty simple and it is but the simplicity itself is often what’s so hard to grasp.  For those of us who have fallen so completely out of balance in one or more (or all) areas of life it’s difficult to imagine that change can be so basic.  However simple and easy aren’t necessarily the same thing.

The synergy between the systems has broken down for most of us at some point and the connections are no longer serving us.  Oh everything is still connected but it’s turned into a downward spiral.  As the body declines the mind and the spirit follow.  When the mind becomes obsessed with destructive thoughts the body and spirit are weakened.  Likewise when the spiritual aspects of life are ignored the body and mind no longer have access to the positive energy required for true health and healing.

Exploring ideas for making these connections and reversing the cycle is a journey.  It doesn’t all happen in one day.  Different things work for different people. Some of what you read here may not be in line with what you believe, some of it may not interest you or feel right for you but remember you don’t have to everything – just do something.  If what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore look around, be open and inspired to try something new.


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