Apr 25

Coming Up For Air

Have you ever had a dream that you’re drowning?  One of those dreams where you feel like you can’t hold your breath for even one more second but somehow you do?  And then either you finally wake up gasping or suddenly you manage to break free and swim to the surface.  There is a moment in the dream that’s the turning point, when you feel like you just can’t take it anymore but somehow you find the strength to come up for air.

This is the turning point.  This is that moment where you decide that you have a choice, that you’re strong enough to make it and that it’s worth the struggle.  There is usually some discomfort involved in the early stages of recovery.  Change can be a scary thing; working through feelings can be painful.  For some of us there is guilt that needs to be laid to rest, truth that needs to be faced, or maybe someone we need to forgive or set free.  Sometimes it feels like it might be easier to keep our heads underwater and in fact it probably would be but then what?

Back to the dream analogy.  The decision to swim to the surface is not the easy way out.  It requires a burst of energy, a commitment, absolute determination to stay alive.  It’s worth the struggle because we know for a fact that there is air up there!  It’s just as true for us now, we know there is relief when you break through the surface.  There is life on the other side.  Once you commit and decide that there is no turning back you’ll find the strength.


  • April_2232

    This is SO true. And when you do make it to the surface
    that breath of air is so fresh and invigorating it feels like the best breath
    you’ve ever taken!  Maybe it is come to
    think of it… because before you went under you basically took your LAST breath,
    had you not chosen (and committed to) returning to the safety of the
    surface.  Why then do we continue to go
    underwater again?

    • BillWard

      Because we’re human!  It takes some of us longer to learn that the water is just as deep and dangerous.  I’m still learning that lesson but at least now I’m aware that – like you said – it’s about making choices and committing to it.

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