Oct 20

A Humble Posture

Every Sunday I teach a Recovery Yoga class/Wellness Meeting with a principle focus and this week we’re working on humility. It’s not always an easy subject to address. Humbling experiences can carry many complex emotions and often include something that resembles shame. Recognizing the difference between humility and shame is a key factor in recovery. Humility is not meant to bring us down but rather to build us up and teach respect for ourselves and others. It provides a clear perspective that takes us out of denial. It leads to contentment, it defines our purpose and teaches respect and gratitude for one’s true place.

The Steps that lead to the principle and practice of humility usually include processing painful experiences from the past. We admit the harms that we have caused, the resentments we have carried and the shame that we tend to carry long after the initial incidents have passed. We are learning that humility does not need to infer weakness and that shame will never serve the purpose of healing.

Humbling ourselves is about finding the strength of character to do what needs to be done. We can begin to see ourselves as we are, both our inner excellence and shortcomings, with loving acceptance for the whole person. While taking full responsibility for all of our actions we are also learning to humbly ask for the help we need to heal.  So often the simple act of identifying our own shame and perceived weakness becomes the catalyst that leads to the resources and tools for uncovering our greatest strengths.

The work we do in any practice requires a humble mental posture to be of any real value. We are learning to accept ourselves as we are right now and surrender to the grace of a Higher Power. This is actually something that can be expressed in a very physical way. As we lovingly accept our limitations and use our energy responsibly in physical practice we can more easily recognize what needs changing in everyday life. We step away from the mental struggle to connect with the peace and the wisdom that is available within.  As our perspective becomes clearer we find that self-honesty always lifts us up and eventually it changes us. The Ego, and every defect of character, is overcome through this ongoing practice of surrender.

Consider creating your own physical practice and the ways that you can incorporate the spiritual principles of recovery. If you’re looking for some direction there are many resources here on this site and on our Wellness Meetings page for making any physical exercise a meditation on healing.

Contentment, strength and the power to change are all found here as we practice turning our lives over to God and trust Him to guide us in all of our affairs.


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