Oct 15

Hard Work or Hardly Working?

I am happy to report that the companion workbook for Miracle in Progress is finally finished and out on Amazon. You can follow the links here or at the bottom of the page to check it out for yourself!  The idea of getting these two books published was an endeavor that seemed like it might be a little too grand for me at the start.  It took some time and it took a lot of work but the entire experience has been a huge blessing.  I do have to admit that this blog, this beautiful space that so lovingly provided the feedback to create much of the content in the books,  always ends up being the first thing to go when the time comes to sit down and put it all together with a cover on it.  Thank you so much for your patience, for your support and for the many ways that you lift me up with your comments here and on the Facebook page every single day.  It is a great joy as well as a huge relief for me to be back and devoting my writing time to the blog.

So on to the subject at hand.  Why can something like a blank computer screen feel so exhilarating one day and so completely daunting the next?  There were days when the words would flow out and I really did feel like I was hardly working.  It was fun!  I felt inspired, connected and useful.  Time would fly and sometimes I could barely pull myself away.  But sometimes I would wake up the next morning feeling optimistic and productive only to find myself wordless… and sometimes really discouraged.  The seconds, minutes and hours would tick by with little more than a few flurries of activity and a lot of back spacing.  Those days were hard work and often left me with very little energy or desire to get busy with anything that involved stringing words together.  Guess how I felt about sitting down to write the morning after that kind of experience?  Not totally stoked, but it was important to me, so I just kept showing up and putting in the time until everything finally fell into place.


“The greatest weariness comes from work not done.” – Eric Hoffer

I provide that simple example as just one of many in my life but I’m sure you have your own.  How do we get past those moments when the task at hand seems too difficult?  Or too boring?  Or too unpleasant?  And what about those that are ongoing and never really finished?  Even when we love what we are doing it’s not always easy.  It’s true that it can be daunting, and at times discouraging, but the only way to succeed at anything is to keep showing up and put in the work. 

Which bring us, of course, to my favorite subject.  What does all this have to do with recovery?  Well, I may have a blog and a couple of books to show for the last three years of my life but my daughter has something far better.  She’s got this chip.  This incredibly beautiful three year chip.  She gets up every morning and some days there is inspiration everywhere, and time flies, and she feels useful and excited, and connected, and it doesn’t feel like work at all.  But then are there other days when the seconds, the minutes and the hours tick by.  Days when she’s left discouraged and with very little energy or desire to get busy with anything that involves recovery.  But she does it anyway.  She shows up and does the work, even when it’s hard. 

I know I have the same experience with my own recovery and I would imagine that most of you do too.  No matter what we are recovering from, no matter how long we’ve been working at it, there will be times when recovery feels like hard work.  Whether it feels too simple to be worth anything or too difficult to bear, when it feels easy and especially when it feels the hardest, we keep showing up.  We take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time, and by the grace of a loving Higher Power those hard times become fewer and farther between.

We know that it really does work if you work it.  Is it a grand endeavor?  Why yes, yes it almost always is…  But is it an extravagant promise?  We think not.  Whether it happens quickly or slowly, healing is always worth it.


Miracle in Progress Workbook

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