May 22


The devastation in Oklahoma has left me entirely humbled and reflecting on the subject of relationships. Think for just a second about all the people there, and in Boston, Newtown, Aurora… Think about just what those people would give to spend one more hour with their loved ones. Imagine the regrets that some of them must have… Things they wish they would have said and done differently… Why do we have this tendency to take the people that mean the most to us for granted?

In recovery we do an awful lot of talking about brotherly love and being of service to others but so often we don’t apply much of that energy to our most treasured relationships. The people we love the most are the ones we subject to our moodiness, laziness and self-centered behavior. I’m not sure why, maybe we just assume that they will always be there…

In any case I have decided to spend the rest of this week talking primarily about relationships on the Facebook page.  About the things that we should do and some of the things that we really shouldn’t.  I believe that if we’re willing to put in the extra effort we will always see some sort of positive effect.  I have been greatly blessed with a marriage, children, extended family and friends that constantly provide me with opportunities for both gratitude and growth in this area. I have lost quite a few of the people I love most in this world and I speak from experience when I say that we must intentionally cherish the relationships we have today. There will be many, MANY challenges along the way and every single one can be overcome with the Power of Love… And I mean Love with a capitol L. Call it what you like but if we refuse to bring God into our relationships there will be struggle, there will be pain and most likely regrets in the future. If you can’t communicate with, appreciate and forgive the people God has placed in your life today there is work to do. This is the time for healing.

So I ask you, who do you love? What do those people mean to you? How will you show them? What are you willing to do to heal and nurture the relationships that God has so lovingly placed in your life?

Think on it and we’ll talk about it more later. Sending out HUGE amounts of Love and Healing Light to all those who suffer….. Jane

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