Apr 26

The Saturday Meeting

Come check out the ALL DAY meeting every Saturday on the JDR Facebook page!  We’ve got awesome speakers and great discussions going on relating to all forms of recovery. I do believe with all my heart that no matter why you’re here you will be inspired. Check the notes section at the top of the FB page for more details on how the meeting works.

This meeting is completely OPEN to all fellowships, to anyone in any program and even to those who are not active in any program at this time. In order to preserve everyone’s anonymity there is no need to mention your fellowship or reason for coming, no one ever needs to know your purpose for participating. That’s the point of this site and the FB page, not everyone here is an addict or alcoholic, not everyone here is co-dependent, some are grieving, some depressed and some simply looking for inspiration and encouragement in the midst of struggle.  We are just people, on the path to healing and the Steps apply to all of us.  We welcome all newcomers and encourage participation from anyone and everyone who is nterested in recovery. I hope you’ll consider joining in the discussion.

Love and Light ~ Jane

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