Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 25

The White Flag

In battle the white flag is raised as a sign of surrender and also as a signal for a cease fire in order to open the lines of communication and come to terms with the other side.  We often consider this gesture a sign of weakness, even cowardice, when in truth the call for peace …

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May 21

Willing To Let Go

The decision we are asked to make in the Third Step involves letting go.  This is the moment of surrender.  For some of us that sounds scary, it might even sound impossible but surrender does not imply giving up or giving in. It is instead a matter of willingness.  We have opened our minds to the …

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May 18


When was the last time you had a drink of water?  Not coffee, not soda or an energy drink but pure, plain water….  Think about it for a minute…. How much water do you really drink every day?  Honestly, is it enough? “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”  ~ Loran Eisely …

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May 16

Morning Meditations

Creating some time for morning meditation can be a powerful habit in recovery.   Even a few minutes spent in quiet reflection can make a big difference in the way we will face the challenges of the day. “Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi In the …

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May 14

Finding The God Of Your Understanding

It is entirely possible for people to enter recovery without specific beliefs or any beliefs whatsoever regarding a Higher Power. All that is required is the willingness to believe in something.  In the beginning just knowing and believing that the program works is enough. “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore …

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May 12

Nature Heals

Nature is a healing gift that we sometimes overlook.  When life gets out of control we’re inclined to withdraw, certainly from people and situations but in some cases we can actually begin to physically confine ourselves.  It might take a while before you’re ready to face the person or the situation but don’t wait to …

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May 09

Simple Seated Meditation

In recovery circles it’s common to hear the advice that “you need to get out of your head.”  Meditation is one way to do this effectively.  It’s free, it’s natural and you can do it at any time.  Whether through simple breathing techniques, mantras or guided meditations the seated practice calms the central nervous system, …

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May 08

The Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer reminds us that the First Step is not something that we “do” once but rather an ongoing process.  The Steps become a new way of living; they become a part of our everyday lives.  Some people have gone through them officially several times but even if you only “go through the Steps” …

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May 07


Journaling can be an extremely helpful tool for self reflection.  There is therapeutic value in having a place to release emotions, solidify goals, track progress and record the experiences of the day.   When used on a regular basis for problem-solving and stress reduction the healing process is greatly enhanced.  In the early stages of recovery …

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May 06

Taking the First Step

Whether you’re in a 12 Step program or not the Steps originally provided in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous hold value.  They have been modified slightly in different fellowships for different conditions however the verbiage is nearly identical with one exception.  The word alcohol in the First Step has been replaced with the word …

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