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Oct 24


Most of us didn’t start out thinking we were co-dependent.  We certainly weren’t trying to be but at some point doing the right thing, helping and being responsible turned into doing the wrong thing, enabling and trying to take responsiblity for things that were completely outside of our control. Recovering from co-dependency means learning to let go of …

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Oct 10

Yoga: The Ultimate Freedom

The idea that yoga leads to freedom is quite ancient but the quest to bring this freedom to people in prisons, hospitals and other institutions is something relatively new.  In this new documentary some will be introduced to the concept of recovery yoga for the first time.  “Illuminated emancipation, freedom, unalloyed and untainted bliss await …

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Sep 30

The Steps Relating To Grief

Grief is an extreme course in learning to let go.  It can have many sources and many expressions but the one thing most forms of grieving seem to have in common is pain.  There are a lot of emotions involved in experiencing loss and most of those emotions are normal and healthy reactions that must …

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Sep 23

Recovery Yoga

September is both National Recovery and National Yoga month.  It really is no shock to me that they should share this space as they are nearly synonymous in my mind.  I mean when you really think about it all yoga is about recovery and all recovery is really a form of yoga. “You cannot do …

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Sep 05

Holistic Recovery Is Everything

Exploring options for creating healthy habits and their affect on emotional healing is the purpose of and every blog post.  Here the term holistic recovery applies to everyone who struggles with emotional difficulties.  This includes conditions that may or may not be related to addiction and circumstances that range anywhere from daily stress to …

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Aug 31

The Promises

There is a huge payoff in recovery, a promise of gifts that we receive when we commit wholeheartedly to this new way of living.  The Promises are beautiful and encouraging as we begin to work the Steps.  They provide hope and a glimpse of what life holds for us when we persevere.  As we move …

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Jul 21

Habit Forming

There is very fine line between habit and addiction.  At times that line is almost indiscernible.  Whether we’re talking about substances, thoughts or behaviors anything that consistently holds our attention begins to define us. “Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters” ~ Nathaniel Emmons Both good and bad habits usually …

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Jun 07

Pain or Suffering

Most people don’t find themselves in recovery without going through some kind of pain.  It’s actually pretty common to feel like we’ve already had more than our share.  Whether self inflicted or from outside sources our particular burden has grown to the point where it occupies the majority of our thoughts.  At some point, if …

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May 25

The White Flag

In battle the white flag is raised as a sign of surrender and also as a signal for a cease fire in order to open the lines of communication and come to terms with the other side.  We often consider this gesture a sign of weakness, even cowardice, when in truth the call for peace …

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May 16

Morning Meditations

Creating some time for morning meditation can be a powerful habit in recovery.   Even a few minutes spent in quiet reflection can make a big difference in the way we will face the challenges of the day. “Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi In the …

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