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May 23

Looking Within

In the previous post Addicted to Looking Away we talked about the dangers of resisting reality and the many methods people use to avoid the present moment.  Today I want to offer a practical strategy for becoming fully present and surrendering to what is…  We need to develop a method for looking within. It’s called Ardha-Kurmasana or Half …

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Oct 10

Yoga: The Ultimate Freedom

The idea that yoga leads to freedom is quite ancient but the quest to bring this freedom to people in prisons, hospitals and other institutions is something relatively new.  In this new documentary some will be introduced to the concept of recovery yoga for the first time.  “Illuminated emancipation, freedom, unalloyed and untainted bliss await …

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Sep 23

Recovery Yoga

September is both National Recovery and National Yoga month.  It really is no shock to me that they should share this space as they are nearly synonymous in my mind.  I mean when you really think about it all yoga is about recovery and all recovery is really a form of yoga. “You cannot do …

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Jun 22

Sun Salutations

The Sun Salutation is the most common of all the sequences in the physical practice of yoga.  It is short and powerful.  For both the novice and the veteran this moving meditation connects the body, mind and spirit as it flows with the rhythm of your own breathing. “Meditation is not a means to an …

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May 09

Simple Seated Meditation

In recovery circles it’s common to hear the advice that “you need to get out of your head.”  Meditation is one way to do this effectively.  It’s free, it’s natural and you can do it at any time.  Whether through simple breathing techniques, mantras or guided meditations the seated practice calms the central nervous system, …

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Apr 30


First things first.  Yoga is not a religion.  It is a practical, systematic and scientific method for quieting the mind that in no way interferes with religious convictions.  The practice of calming the mind can in fact be a valuable tool for creating union with the Spirit, specifically the spirit within or the true self, …

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