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Jun 19

Physical Alignment With Your Higher Self

It may seem hard to believe but your Higher Self wants you to be happy and to feel connected all the time. It wants to remain in constant contact with your Higher Power and therefore in a constant state of available peace. In recovery we are becoming more and more mindful that we must make …

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Mar 10


In the Promises we are told that we will know a new freedom and a new happiness.  For many of us it has been a long time since we have been truly happy.  At first it may seem that this one really is an extravagant promise.  It may be hard to imagine in the early …

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Sep 05

Holistic Recovery Is Everything

Exploring options for creating healthy habits and their affect on emotional healing is the purpose of and every blog post.  Here the term holistic recovery applies to everyone who struggles with emotional difficulties.  This includes conditions that may or may not be related to addiction and circumstances that range anywhere from daily stress to …

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Jul 21

Habit Forming

There is very fine line between habit and addiction.  At times that line is almost indiscernible.  Whether we’re talking about substances, thoughts or behaviors anything that consistently holds our attention begins to define us. “Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters” ~ Nathaniel Emmons Both good and bad habits usually …

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Jun 15


Negative self talk is one of great challenges to be overcome in recovery.  Learning to “rewrite” the scripts we most commonly recite in our heads is a necessity for creating change that lasts.  Positive affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool for changing the way you think if you know how to use them. “What you …

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Jun 09

Meridian Tapping

The ability to change your state of mind when negativity creeps in is extremely valuable.   Prayer and meditation would be at the top of that list but sometimes it helps to take physical action.  Meridian Tapping is a simple method for changing your state that provides immediate relief in most cases.  It’s something you can …

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Jun 07

Pain or Suffering

Most people don’t find themselves in recovery without going through some kind of pain.  It’s actually pretty common to feel like we’ve already had more than our share.  Whether self inflicted or from outside sources our particular burden has grown to the point where it occupies the majority of our thoughts.  At some point, if …

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May 12

Nature Heals

Nature is a healing gift that we sometimes overlook.  When life gets out of control we’re inclined to withdraw, certainly from people and situations but in some cases we can actually begin to physically confine ourselves.  It might take a while before you’re ready to face the person or the situation but don’t wait to …

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May 02

Healing Opportunities

Healing is an essential part of recovery. The process begins with the realization that our lives have become unmanageable and acknowledging that there is a need for change. As we learn to let go of the past and move into a new way of life it can be helpful to explore natural options that address …

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