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Jan 17


As we begin to heal and rebuild our lives we have a tendency to expect everything to suddenly fall into place.  It can be frustrating when the consequences keep coming.  Recovery is a miracle but it isn’t a magic bullet, we may still have lessons to learn and some may come with a price. Even …

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Dec 04

Extraordinary Moments

What makes something extraordinary?  What makes something meaningful?  Or beautiful?  Or important?  And what needs to happen for us to see the ordinary, the meaningless, the ugly, painful or unimportant circumstances as extraordinary moments in recovery?  Maybe a little time and just the right amount of light… I’ve had some time over the last few …

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Oct 19

Stories: Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope

Starting a new page in the Inspiration category to share some stories that inspire.  I have heard some crazy stories…  Some wonderfully incredible and miraculous tales that have encouraged me greatly in my own recovery.  Sharing our experiences is powerful stuff.  Sharing hope with others who walk in our shoes is medicine for the soul. …

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Aug 31

The Promises

There is a huge payoff in recovery, a promise of gifts that we receive when we commit wholeheartedly to this new way of living.  The Promises are beautiful and encouraging as we begin to work the Steps.  They provide hope and a glimpse of what life holds for us when we persevere.  As we move …

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Apr 28

The Spirit

The word spirit can be somewhat controversial and hard to define, but let’s try.  Webster says spirit is “an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms; a supernatural being or essence.”  An animating principle to give life, a supernatural being…. something inside of us that is more than the physical body.  …

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Apr 27

The Body

The human body is our concrete link to the physical world.  Everything we do, what we eat, drink, breathe and all the actions we take affects not only our physical health but the way we think and feel.  Mental and emotional healing requires balance in the body.  As long as the body is out of …

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Apr 26

The Mind

The mind is the place where we process all the experiences of the body and decide what is real for us.  Much of what happens in the mind is a result of what’s happening in the physical body but the opposite is also true.  Learning to quiet the mind and choose a new way of …

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Apr 25

Coming Up For Air

Have you ever had a dream that you’re drowning?  One of those dreams where you feel like you can’t hold your breath for even one more second but somehow you do?  And then either you finally wake up gasping or suddenly you manage to break free and swim to the surface.  There is a moment …

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Apr 24

The 12 Steps

I am a huge fan of 12 step programs and although there are many roads to recovery these steps stand the test of time.  I think one of the reasons I like them so much  is that they include mental, physical and spiritual elements for meaningful change.  Following in the tradition of attraction rather than …

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Apr 23

Meet Jane Doe

Jane Doe is the name used for an unidentified woman.  Same goes for John Doe.  They’re also used as placeholders for someone who needs to remain anonymous and sometimes as a term for the everyday average person. Jane Doe could be anyone.  As a matter of fact I’m starting to think that she’s everyone. “Don’t believe …

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