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Mar 03

Easy E and the Ego

I went to a memorial service over the weekend for a guy named Eric, lovingly referred to as Easy E. by many in the recovery community here in Phoenix.  It started raining on my way there, maybe not a big deal for some, but here in Arizona it is always noteworthy. We’re usually very excited …

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Jan 17

Miracle in Progress

“Jane Doe is the name used for an unidentified woman. The same goes with John Doe for a man.  It’s true that some of the images they conjure can be a little morbid.  We imagine morgues and billboards for missing persons but they are also terms used for the average, everyday someone and sometimes as …

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Jun 19

Physical Alignment With Your Higher Self

It may seem hard to believe but your Higher Self wants you to be happy and to feel connected all the time. It wants to remain in constant contact with your Higher Power and therefore in a constant state of available peace. In recovery we are becoming more and more mindful that we must make …

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May 22


The devastation in Oklahoma has left me entirely humbled and reflecting on the subject of relationships. Think for just a second about all the people there, and in Boston, Newtown, Aurora… Think about just what those people would give to spend one more hour with their loved ones. Imagine the regrets that some of them …

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Apr 26

The Saturday Meeting

Come check out the ALL DAY meeting every Saturday on the JDR Facebook page!  We’ve got awesome speakers and great discussions going on relating to all forms of recovery. I do believe with all my heart that no matter why you’re here you will be inspired. Check the notes section at the top of the …

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Mar 26

Solution Of Simplicity

Simple and easy are not always the same thing now are they?  As a matter of fact sometimes choosing what’s simple seems to be the hardest thing we’ve ever done, when in truth it’s the suffering that’s hard.  Whether you’re talking about a form of addiction, co-dependency, depression or any other spiritual malady the struggle …

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Mar 10


In the Promises we are told that we will know a new freedom and a new happiness.  For many of us it has been a long time since we have been truly happy.  At first it may seem that this one really is an extravagant promise.  It may be hard to imagine in the early …

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Feb 07

Morning Coffee Meditation

You don’t NEED a cup of coffee for this meditation but it’s especially nice if you have a favorite warm beverage in your hands… Sitting comfortably, hold your cup in both hands. Notice how the cup feels, the shape of it… Appreciating the smoothness and the warmth. Look at it closely, the cup and the …

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Jan 29

What Do You See?

Take a moment to really look at the picture before you read on… So what did you see? What did you say out loud? It’s not one of those visual trick photos – most people see a red dot and that’s what they say… But that is not the focal point of our meditation. Look …

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Jan 26

That Malady

What is the spiritual malady?  Whether through addiction, grief, depression, abuse or any other expression of physical, mental or spiritual upset, sometimes the struggles of life leave a hole, a wound, an emptiness that makes us vulnerable to more pain.  If left unaddressed it has a tendency to grow… There is a darkness that can …

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